Princess Ella Soft Vs Grunge

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Princess Ella Soft Vs Grunge Princess Ella Soft Vs Grunge

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Princess Ella Soft Vs Grunge Game


Princess Ella Soft Vs Grunge game will give you the opportunity to dive into the field of fashion and feel like a major designer!
Princess Ella is looking for her own unique style. She is trying out a new style called Soft. Representatives of the “soft girls” subculture prefer comfortable and soft clothes. In makeup, pink and peach shades prevail. The whole aesthetic of the style is imbued with emotionality and sensuality, kindness and gentleness. Rainbow prints, pictures in the form of hearts, stars, bears, clouds are welcome. There are a lot of childish elements in the aesthetics. The grunge style is the opposite of the soft style. It is bold, chaotic and socially provocative. The essence of the direction lies in such components: a mixture of incompatible elements, convenience and comfort in the first place, a real indifference to fashion. Grunge style in clothes is expressed in ripped and stretched clothes. Especially aged clothes, crumpled t-shirts and sweaters that seem out of proportion are the basis of grunge clothing. What happens when you mix these two styles and create a new style – Soft Grunge? Let’s find out together with the beautiful Princess Ella.
I think you have already understood that your main task in the game is to experiment with style. Combine several styles together and pick up matching outfits. The game has everything you need to do this. Start playing now and have fun!


Mouse and finger.

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