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Long Long Hair Long Long Hair

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2.7/5 - (17 votes)
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Long Long Hair Game


LONG LONG HAIR this game is for real lovers of long hair. Only you do not have to make beautiful hairstyles. You will have to break records with this long hair. Perhaps now you will find something incomprehensible, but believe me, from the first minutes of the game you will be enchanted! You, or rather the girl that you will control, will run along the road on which there will be various objects that will help you win the game. Such objects as: coins, different obstacles and of course hair, which you will need to collect, so the length of your hair will increase. And when you reach the finish line, the girl will measure the length of her hair and depending on how long it is, so many coins you will earn. Earned coins can improve the appearance of the girl, for example, by buying her different looks. In this game there are a lot of different levels, and they all have different complexity. We are sure that you will like playing this game! Hurry up and start!


swipe left and right to avoid obstacles to make your hair really really long and long. Go swipe now.

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