Mosaic Artimo

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Mosaic Artimo Mosaic Artimo

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5/5 - (2 votes)
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Mosaic Artimo Game


Mosaic Artimo is a puzzle game that will get your brain working.
Tigger will lead you through an exciting adventure of several levels, playing which you will have to think hard about. The essence of the game:
You will need to build a figure, it is not difficult to do so at all. You will have a sample, you will only need to correctly arrange the details. Before each game, you can choose the complexity of the level. The complexity of the level depends on the complexity of the parts. If you accidentally put the piece in the wrong place, you will have the opportunity to cancel the action. And also you will have a certain number of hints.
Try to play, and you’ll be hard to come off!


Try to solve each suggested puzzle using your mouse or touch controls.

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