Eliza Winter Coronation

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Eliza Winter Coronation Eliza Winter Coronation

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Eliza Winter Coronation Game


Eliza Winter Coronation game is sure to please those who at least once wanted to feel like a designer. More specifically, in this game you will be the chief assistant to Princess Eliza.
Princess Eliza enters the throne this winter. She is preparing to become queen. This is a very significant event for the girl. The princess must be irresistible at her coronation. Eliza’s favorite time of year is winter, so the celebration will take place with the onset of cold weather. Let’s go to Elise’s magical ice kingdom and help her get ready for the coronation. First of all, you need to tidy up your skin, use grooming cosmetics to get rid of problems and imperfections on Eliza’s face. Then comes the turn of makeup. Pay attention to this winter’s fashion trends, use blue, white and gold color shadows. Next, style the princess’ hair into an evening hairstyle and pick out diamond jewelry. Finally, choose a gorgeous ball gown and coronation shoes. You can also use magical accessories such as capes and wings. Make Elise’s winter coronation a truly unique event throughout the Ice Kingdom!


Dress-up game for girls.


Left mouse button or touch button.

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